The conventional concept of medicine is undergoing a drastic change, and medical treatment, which has been segmented by organ, is now undergoing a revolution. “Gut microbiota” and “fecal microbiota transplantation” play a major role in the future that can be achieved through harmony with microorganisms.

The nanobubbles that support our technology are expected to be used in many fields as an environmentally friendly and safe technology because they are multifunctional and made from nothing but air and water.

Welcome to Shinbiosis, where we are exploring what we can do now for the future of our planet.

Shinbiosis Corporation
Representative DirectorMikiko Tanaka

Biography and Qualifications

Brief personal record
  1. Born Jul. 15, 1962Type O blood, Cancer zodiac sign
  2. Mar. 1985Graduated from Kobe Jogakuin University, Faculty of Letters
  3. Apr. 1985Joined Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Production Department
  4. Feb. 1988Retired from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Radio Production Department
  5. Oct. 1988Opened a preschool and tutoring school at home
    Worked for a trading company (in preparation for starting a business)
  6. Feb. 2008Established Abilities Co.
  7. Oct. 2017Established Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research, Inc.
  8. Nov.2017Became a Council Member of the newly established General Foundation for Clinical Research on Intestinal Flora Transplantation
  9. 401 Est Nouveau, 2-1-40, Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 534-0025, Japan
  10. Present :Representative Director of Symbiosis, Inc., Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research, Inc.
    Councilor, Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Foundation, Inc.

Message from the President

I was born in 1962.
It was the middle of the high-growth period when Japan’s real economic growth rate averaged more than 10% per year and everyone was looking forward to the future.

I grew up with parents who believed in women’s participation in society, and after graduating from college I went to work for a radio station. However, before the Equal Employment Opportunity Law came into effect, it was common for women to leave the workforce and go home. After marrying into an old family, I spent my days raising my three children while teaching toddler classes at home.

However, my desire to work utilizing my abilities after marriage and motherhood grew over the years. At the age of 45, I started my own business, Abilities Corporation, and launched a sales promotion service business in 2008 with a group of women with strong IT skills. Despite twists and turns, the company has steadily expanded and celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The last ten years have been both the most fulfilling and the most difficult of my life.

Two months after establishing Abilities, my mother died suddenly at home, and I was busy commuting home to take care of my father, sick sister and newly established company. I regretted that I was too late in noticing
changes in my children’s health. In order to have more time for my children, I decided to live in the apartment I had rented as an office for a while. But this time my mother-in-law became hospitalized and I spent many years when no amount of time was enough to balance work and home life caring for my children.

Even I, who always took care of my family members when they had the flu and was confident of my health, became exhausted both physically and mentally during this period. I was more than happy to hear my clients say, “We are glad we entrusted our work to your company, and we are grateful for this encounter,” and I wanted to provide work that exceeded their expectations, but my family’s illnesses kept coming and going, and I was in a state of anguish with nowhere to turn.

No matter how much I paid attention to diet, sleep, and exercise, no matter how much I tried to learn about modern medicine and comprehensive medical care, my health condition never recovered, and on the contrary, I saw it getting worse and worse every day. I strongly felt the limitations of modern medicine.

At that time, we were asked to renew the website of a clinic specializing in intestinal flora transplantation. At the time, I had little knowledge about gut microbiota. There had already been cases of improvement in
inflammatory bowel disease, which is difficult to treat, and although it was a field I had no experience in, the more I learned about it, the more I saw its potential. This miracle, which could never have been obtained through insurance treatment alone, shocked me to the core, and I was instantly drawn into the world of microorganisms. Six months after my first encounter with gut microbiota, a group of clinicians who sympathized with its potential led the way to establish Japan’s first organized organization for fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), the General Incorporated Foundation for Clinical Research on Intestinal Microflora Transplantation.

I have a future I want to create.

There are now centers all over the world where children can receive appropriate medical care at any time, free of charge, and the first priority of medical institutions is to maintain a good intestinal environment.

It is now common practice to regulate the intestinal environment in pregnant women and this has drastically reduced birth defects.

The “intestinal flora balance test” will be standardized as an item in health checkups, and stools from healthy times will be stored in banks as a matter of course.

The widespread use of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) will drastically shrink medical costs and increase the number of healthy elderly people, allowing them to enjoy independent living without the need for nursing
If the NanoGAS® foam technology that supports FMT is used not only in medicine but also in other fields, it may help
restore a world rich in nature.

Now is the time to realize that the choices we adults have made in modern society have harmed our children’s health in many ways and damaged the planet they live on.

If I had been a doctor or a scientist, I might have been bound by my experience and knowledge to pass by “gut microbiota” and “fecal microbiota transplantation” without realizing their potential. But fortunately, I was able to encounter microorganisms and microbubbles made of only air and water in a completely blank state.

I really feel lucky.

Things are taking shape that have never been the norm before, but more needs to be done. So what can we do?
I believe we need a “bridge” that will put the information into the hands of the people who will actually use it.

We can change the future with our own hands.

We have the power to make things better. Now that fixed medical concepts are changing dramatically, “gut microbiota” and “fecal microbiota transplantation” can play a major role in achieving harmony with microorganisms.
And the microbubbles that support our technology will contribute to a brighter future. Welcome to Shinbiosis.

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